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A Snap Shot of Kindergarten's Exploration of Living Things
Kindergarten had a fantastic time watching small chicks hatch from their eggs when they had the ‘Henny Penny Hatching Program' visit the school over a two-week period this term. During this time the students learnt about the life cycle of chickens and what they need to live and grow. The chicks and incubators were set up in the KL and KR classrooms and all of the Kindergarten classes took turns visiting the chicks each day. It was wonderful to see the amazing art works and pieces of writing that the students created with inspiration from the new additions. The students all attempted to write wonderful sentences describing their observations of the chicks and the eggs. Each class also utilised the school iPads to create fascinating eBooks documenting the growth of the chicks and the many facts they had learnt along the way. As the classes discussed the needs of living things they designed pens for the chicks. This was a great opportunity for the students to demonstrate what they had learnt about chickens whilst also exploring the design process. Kindergarten has thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the students displayed a great respect for living things.
chicken flow chart
chicks cycle
chick sketch