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Kindergarten 2020

Kindergarten students are able to return to school one day per week starting from the week beginning Monday 11th May 2020 

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Students are able to return to school one day per week starting from the week beginning Monday 11th May 2020 until further notice. At Darcy Road Public School, we have been able to design a roster where students will see their cluster teachers. Students will have a meaningful day of learning at school.

We are not inviting students to return to school in family groups as you may have seen in the media. Family groupings would have meant that students didn’t see their own teacher or class. We want our students to be with members of their class and their own teachers.  If this is a problem for families we would love to chat with you. Please phone the school and ask to speak to Miss Hopkins. We will help where we can.

Students will be provided with online learning for the four days per week they are not at school. The learning the students will be doing at school will not be presented online. As students across the school will be attending school different days of the week, students learning online will now be called Day 1, Day 2 etc. Day 5 will be the learning done at school.

The plans the school has made are based on 10 students being with 1 teacher. This is the criteria for a Managed Return to School Phase One. Each group of 10 will be in one classroom. There won’t be two groups of students per classroom. We have had to split grades and classes across two days so they can attend school in groups of 10 and be with their own teachers.

Below is the name of your child’s class and their rostered day to attend school during Phase One.

We will keep sending home information every day to assist families with this transition back to school.

As I’m sure you will understand we are so excited at being able to see our students again next week.


Trudy Hopkins


Darcy Road Public School


Kinder - Early Stage One:

  • Tuesday 12th May - Kinder Green Geckos and Kinder Pink Possums
  • Wednesday 13th May - Kinder Green Goannas and Kinder Pink Platypus

These students will attend school on either the Tuesday or the Wednesday as  rostered above until further notice