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Extended Leave -Travel

If you are planning to take your child out of school for any reason for a period of 9 days or more, you will need to submit an "Application for Extended Leave".  This includes travel for a holiday, family visit, cultural celebrations, medical treatments, family bereavement, etc.

Please submit the completed application form as well as copies of any documentation such as airline ticket bookings, travel itineraries, medical or death certificates etc. to the office as soon as possible once your travel plans are known.

If approved, a "Certificate of Extended Leave" will be issued to you. You will need to take this certificate with you on your travel. You may be asked to show it as justification for having your child out of school for an extended period.

The leave is only approved once the application form has been signed by the Deputy Principal and a Certificate has been issued.

Extended Leave Application (pdf 342 KB)