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Principal's Introduction

As the Principal of Darcy Road Public School it is my job to lead our school community through the development of our children.  I'm a firm advocate of the belief that, "It takes a village to raise a child".  I have a clear vision for our school. With that vision I could ask, "What do I want for the students of Darcy Road Public School?"

I aspire to our school developing children's character so our students have a sound moral compass that is guided by strong values and ethical behaviour. I believe the students of Darcy Road Public School are students of the world and they will need a clear belief system to live by where ever they may be living.

I intend for our students to achieve at the highest academic performance they can achieve.  All students must grow as learners. Highly capable academically performing students must be given the chance to excel. Students with learning difficulties must show growth in all their learning, even if that is different to other students. All students must be high level thinkers. It is not enough that students get good grades and high level scores. They need to be thinkers to problem solve and tackle issues in their lives.

I wish for student's to seek and find that creative person within. This might be in the performing or creative arts. It might be in poetry, cooking or gardening. It might be in taking care of the environment.

I intend for all the students of Darcy Road Public School to develop a healthy lifestyle with daily participation in sport, fitness and an active lifestyle. My intent is for all students to understand healthy eating. I wish for all students to have the knowledge and skills to make heathy choices socially and with leisure activities.

I hope our student's families have a close relationship with our school.  I want all our students to feel comfortable and welcome at school with their family, culture and religion being respected and admired by our community. I aim for our community to feel safe and trusted at Darcy Road Public School. All our school wants open communication where everyone has the right to speak their view in a polite and respectful manner

I aim for our students to have the best teachers. I want our teachers to be keen learners. I believe teachers should be learners right up to the day they leave us. I want our teachers to prepare our students as 21st century citizens. This means teachers willingly participating in their own learning as a team and as individuals.

I plan for our students to learn in welcoming, inviting and flexible environments. I want our classrooms to be classrooms of the future which enable teachers to adapt the environment to the lessons they are teaching at any given moment.

I want our students to use ICT to develop their thinking and problem solving skills. I want them to have the personal skills to recognise and make good judgments when using ICT.

I hope these aspirations inspire our community. My daily life at Darcy Road Public School is to create, achieve and implement these ambitions with our community through my guidance, leadership and vision.

Trudy Hopkins
Darcy Road Public School