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The school has a commitment to the development of every child with academic, creative, physical as well as social and emotional growth all receiving attention.

The school is a safe, engaging and happy environment for its students, teachers and visitors where the buzz and excitement of learning is always evident for both students and teachers.

We provide challenging learning programs that promote high achievement. To support these programs we use modern technology and quality teaching strategies consistently.

Our university qualified teachers provide innovative and stimulating learning environment in well-managed classrooms.

We provide a range of exceptional and innovative programs to enhance the overall learning experience of our students. We strongly believe in providing a range of opportunities for all students to nurture their talents and develop their interests. Some of these opportunities include debating, public speaking, science camps, university based assessment as well as national assessments.

We currently welcome students from 44 different countries. We embrace students of all faiths and denominations and for our students, this means a genuine experience of the 'real world' that they will work and live in once their education is completed. We provide an environment that promotes responsibility and success.

We strongly encourage parents and friends to be real partners in their child's education. We offer a wide range of opportunities to be actively involved in the life of the school and value parent support in all areas. All classrooms welcome parents as active helpers and members of the learning community.

I hope that your visit to our website is informative and enjoyable and that you may wish to visit our school to see for yourself what we can offer your child.

Trudy Hopkins

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