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How to order your lunch:

  • Use a large paper bag
  • On the bag, clearly write your child's name, class, items, prices and total. Orders to be placed in class basket or Canteen by 9.00am.
  • If ordering a drink ( or frozen item ), please use a SEPARATE paper bag and include order details.
  • Correct money is appreciated.
  • Any change will be placed inside lunch bag.
  • If a child forgets to place their lunch order, they can buy a sandwich and¬†drink if they come to the Canteen at the beginning of lunch.
  • If a child forgets their lunch, they should come to the Canteen at the beginning of lunch with their teacher. They will be supplied with a sandwich¬†and drink and given a docket indicating the food supplied, cost and reason. Please send payment quoting name, class and amount owing the next day.

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