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Year 1

Year 1, 2022

Term 1 in Year 1

This term we are extremely lucky to have two 3D printers at our school on loan from the STEM T4L borrowing library. This is a program that provides resources and support to all schools across NSW Education. 

In year 1, students were exploring 2D shapes during their numeracy lessons. To further extend on this topic, students compared 2D shapes and 3D objects during their technology session. During this time students moulded their own 3D object using playdough before constructing a 3D design of their chosen object in an online program called, TInkercad.

The students showed great persistence and skill as they placed the object onto the digital workspace. Once the students had completed any adaptations to their object, Mrs Rilatt sent the design to the 3D printer. 

The students were so excited to see their digital designs printed into tangible objects that they could hold and manipulate. 

Well done, Year 1!


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