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Trilok Has Won the State Spelling Bee

Trilok Winning State Spelling Bee

The NSW Premier’s Spelling Bee 2023 took place on Friday 3rd November. Trilok, from Year 6, was one of 30 senior students who successfully made it to the State Final held at ABC Studios. From a starting participation number of 180,000 students across NSW, being amongst the 30 state finalists was a huge achievement!

From round 1 to 10, Trilok spelled words correctly such as ‘analytical’, ‘tantamount’, ‘exonerate’, ‘impermeable’ and ‘infallible’. By round 10, only three students remained and by round 13, only two remained, Trilok and a student from Epping Public School. The top 2 went on battling it out for another 12 rounds! In the deciding round, Trilok successfully spelled ‘croquembouche’, while the student from Epping came unstuck with ‘plenipotentiary’. Trilok was the winner!

Trilok represented Darcy Road Public School proudly, demonstrating our school values at all times. Each time his name was announced, he was composed and calm. He was respectful and clapped for every contestant and when the last round finished, he shook the hand of the runner-up. Darcy Road Public School and our whole school community are so proud of you! Congratulations!

ABC News wrote an article about the NSW Premier's Spelling Bee. Please click on the link below to view this article.

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